Services Provided

I offer an array of service in my practice

  • Individual psychotherapy - I use a holistic approach to address your issues which I discuss with you as a part of the treatment.
  • Co-joint/Marriage counseling - this can include any two people in a relationship that could use help, whether married, life partners, dating, parent/child, siblings, roommates or business partners. Co-joint therapy can help with communications, assist in conflict resolution and address issues of trust, intimacy, sexuality, money and children.
  • Family therapy - May include parents, children and any extended family members as deemed necessary by all parties involved. Family therapy can address multi-level interactions in ways that promoted individual strengths and wisdom while supporting the wider family system.
  • Psychotherapy for children - Therapy for children will be directed at the developmental level of he child and include play and art modalities.
  • Telephone and/or Skype psychotherapy sessions are available when meeting in person is not possible. This may be due to distance, physical limitations, business or personal travel or unforeseen events.

Treatment specialization includes:

  • All types of Depression , including hopelessness and despair
  • Generalized or situational Anxiety and Panic
  • Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse
  • Victims of PTSD are offered insight, support and skills to manage their symptoms and find healing
  • Assistance in restoring health and a sense of well-being following Car Accidents , Falls and Pre- and Post- Surgery
  • All forms of Life Transitions , such as marriage, children, career change, moving, divorce or separation
  • Relationship and Intimacy Issues are addressed to improve interpersonal relationships
  • Conflict Resolution and Couples counseling
  • Work and Career Issues